Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Shutterfly Valentine's Day Giveaway!!!

When I was a little girl in school each February we would decorate shoes boxes to store the cards and candy that we would be giving to each of our classmates for Valentine's day. I remember laughing at cards that said "I love you" on them, especially when they came from boys. Now that I am older I celebrate just a bit differently, by showing the people I love just how much I love them!

One of my favorite places to go for personalized anything is Shutterfly. Shutterfly has everything you can imagine to customize with your favorite photos. I love the photo gifts a lot!

Here are some great things Shutterfly has to offer!

· Birthday invitations

· Valentine’s gifts

· photo mugs

· Thank you cards

Thanks to Shutterfly, one of my readers will be receiving 25 FREE Valentine’s cards! It’s easy to win!!!!!


TO WIN!!!!

Leave a comment (make sure your email address is included!) with your favorite Valentine's Day memory!



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o53xmyhair said...

my favorite valentine's day memory is being in 5th grade and having the best gift to hand out. my mom hand painted all the kids' names on these little wooden hearts that she sold in her craft store and everyone was super impressed!


making sparkle ones with grandma

Anonymous said...

rose pedals leading to... a puppy!!!

Tipper said...

We made our own chocolate dipped strawberries and drank a bottle of wine. We just sat and relaxed, enjoying time together. It was refreshing.


amy16323 said...

exchanging valentines in grade school

goodwitchglinda said...

Last year, I dressed my twins up as cupid--well, two cupids. It was so cute! I laughed. I cried. I took pictures. That is my favorite Valentine's Day memory so far. Thanks! goodwitchglindaATgmailDOTcom

susansmoaks said...

i have always enjoyed valentine's day. i enjoyed when my dad got us all something for valentine's day, usually a box of chocolates.

susansmoaks at gmail dot com

Contest Patti said...

my favourite V day memory is my son being born!

Linda said...

My found memories of Valentines Day was when I was in grade school and we made and decorated our own Valentine Boxes and everyone in the class would put a Valentine in it!